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At what age does the baby stop using diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-05-05

As the baby grows up, the diapers will also be taken off as the baby grows up, but how old can the baby stop using the diapers? I believe that newborn mothers and fathers will have doubts about this problem. As the baby grows older, the baby’s physical development will gradually improve over time. When the baby can freely control the excretion, there is no need to use diapers.

Instead, If the baby is able to control urine and feces, and the use of diapers at a certain age will limit the baby’s physical development, then, how old can a baby stop using diapers? Let me tell you about it from the wholesale of diapers.

In China, babies generally wear diapers until they are about one year old. When the baby is about one year old, the elders in the family will start to reduce the use of diapers. Compared with foreign babies, foreign babies usually stop using them when they are about three years old. Diapers, but in fact, babies are usually able to freely control their bowel movements and urination at around three years old.

Babies before one year old have limited ability to control their bowel and bowel movements. Babies will still urinate when they want to urinate. According to the baby's body Depends on development.

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