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Baby diapers or cloth diapers? what's the difference?

by:Moosee     2021-05-14

Baby diapers or cloth diapers, this topic has always been hot. Because some people are getting old and some are being reborn. Every second is a tomorrow that old people cannot hope for, and every new life is hope. Parents want their children to thrive, and diapers are a necessity. However, parents are struggling as to whether babies should use diapers or cloth diapers. Is this article a diaper or cloth diaper for your baby? what's the difference?


Each time you change diapers, first spread the diapers and place them under your hips. Place your back slightly higher than the abdomen. Pull the diapers between your baby’s legs up to below the belly button, and align the adhesive on both sides. The waist position needs to be torn apart and attached firmly, which can effectively prevent urine from leaking from the back.

Newborn baby, there is an umbilical cord on the belly that has not completely fallen off. When using it, you should pay attention to turning the diaper out, or use the diaper designed with the concave curve of the belly button, so as not to affect the root of the umbilical cord to rub against the diaper market and make the skin Abrasion, inflammation, and bleeding. If the baby wears a diaper, if the front scale and adhesive are standard, fix the first left and right sides, and then adjust the waist and leg frills to avoid disturbing the baby's delicate skin and skin friction.

2.cloth diapers

Use soft, absorbent, breathable cotton or gauze to making cloth diapers for easy washing and drying without irritating the skin. Note, however, that cloth diapers are better to be colorless to avoid irritating the skin of the buttocks due to dyes, and it is also convenient to observe the color of the patient's urine and feces. There is no need to make the diaper not too big, it is recommended to cut part of it to 36x36 cm or 36x12 cm.

Pre-made cloth diapers must be scalded with boiling water before using us, and then dried in the sun, so as to avoid skin problems and serious allergies. Do not use the stove fire to bake the cloth diapers after cleaning, because this is the only way to resist moisture.

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