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Benefits of using adult nursing pads

by:Moosee     2021-03-19

Adult nursing pads are ideal disposable hygiene products for hospital operations, gynecological examinations, maternal care, child care, paralyzed patients with incontinence, and women's menstrual period. It has the characteristics of simple use, sanitation and cleanliness, softness and comfort.

Adult nursing pads can ensure that the user's body is dry and comfortable, prevent dirty sheets and mattresses, eliminate the possibility of cross-infection between users and between users and nursing staff, and reduce the workload of medical staff and family members. It is an ideal product for hospitals and home care to avoid the suffering of changing and washing bed sheets every day.

Using adult nursing pads, moisture can quickly pass through the surface soft non-woven fabric to be absorbed by the middle absorbent layer and lock the water without re-seepage, keep the surface dry, and the waterproof bottom layer can effectively prevent leakage, prevent contamination of bed sheets and bedding, and reduce medical staff. The work burden of changing family members;

In addition, when designing adult nursing pads, we increase the design of thickened adult nursing pads to ensure more peace of mind; it is an ideal disposable hygiene care product for gynecological examinations and maternal care.
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