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Can I wipe my baby's butt with baby wipes?

by:Moosee     2021-06-13

Although baby wipes are a wide range of baby products, mothers can't blindly use them for babies. This will only be counterproductive. Then mothers must ask, where can't baby wipes be used? Here, Dongyang baby wipes manufacturers answer that mothers are not allowed to use baby wipes when wiping their baby's stool. Then, Dongyang baby wipes manufacturers will tell you how to properly wipe your baby's stool.

1. First use soft toilet paper and fold it several times to wipe off the remaining stool;

2. Wash the baby's buttocks with flowing warm water from top to bottom, paying attention to flushing along the direction of the genitals and anus;

3. After rinsing, use a soft cotton towel to damp the moisture of the dry butt (not dry), so that the baby's skin is delicate, so as to avoid repeated rubbing to cause redness.

4. After dipping it dry, let your baby play on the changing mat for a while, and put on diapers after the anus is completely dry to avoid diaper rash caused by dampness.

5. It is necessary to change the diapers frequently and try to keep the baby's butt in a dry environment, which can greatly reduce the appearance of diaper rash.

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