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Can the diapers continue to be used after they are damp?

by:Moosee     2021-03-29

Can damp diapers be used for babies? Different people will have different opinions. For example, people of the older generation feel that the diapers can be used as long as they are exposed to the sun after they are damp. It is a pity to throw them away; while the mothers are worried that the damp diapers will cause harm to the baby. Especially in spring, diapers are particularly susceptible to moisture, so can the damp diapers continue to be used for babies?

1. Use diapers directly when they are damp?

In the spring, when you return to the southern sky, your clothes will always be affected by dampness, which will cause your clothes to become wet and sticky, so you will always feel uncomfortable? Especially for babies, damp diapers will be even more uncomfortable. If they are so tightly attached, the little butt can't breathe freely~ We all know that if the baby's little butt is kept damp and airtight for a long time Under the environment, you will suffer from the friction of the diaper, the irritation of the urine and the bacterial infection, and the symptoms of red ass are very prone to appear.

So 'dry and breathable' is the life of diapers! Therefore, do you dare to accept the challenge of 'dry and breathable' with damp diapers? ! What's more, a humid environment has always been the best environment for bacteria and microorganisms to multiply. Therefore, at this time, the baby's butt will be infected by bacteria and microorganisms. In addition, many diapers on the market now show wetness. Once damp, the wetness display will be affected, and the color has changed before the baby is changed, and then it is difficult to judge when the baby is really wet, so it is easy for many mothers to miss it. The time for babies to change their diapers.

2. Dry the damp diapers and continue to use them?

'Wetness and bacteria are afraid of the sun! As long as the diapers are exposed to the sun for three days and three nights, then they will be restored to dryness and cleanliness, then can they continue to serve the baby's ass? 'Uh, mother who said this, you must not understand the temperament of diapers. The main reason for diapers is that they have good absorbent beads, which is SAP super absorbent resin. Although these small particles are not good-looking, they can absorb liquids that are dozens or even hundreds of times their own volume, and can also prevent the back seepage of the liquid. And 'prevent liquid re-seepage' means that if the water bead sucks the liquid into your stomach, it will be difficult for you to spit it out.

Even if the diapers are dried successfully in the end, the diapers will not return to their original appearance. It is no longer slim, because the swelling process of the water-absorbing beads after absorbing water is irreversible, and the water-absorbing capacity is also difficult to restore. It is more important to note that if the surface layer of the diaper is exposed to the sun, it will be easy to harden, and the bottom layer of the diaper will be easily degraded. In short, it is not only uncomfortable for the baby to use, but also easy to leak urine. Therefore, being damp is a way of no return, and you cannot turn back once you step on it.

The diapers need to be kept properly. The diapers also need to be carefully maintained by the mothers. It is best to place them in a cool and dry place. As for the opened diapers, it is best to be used up within 2-3 months. If the climate in your area is relatively humid, then this period should be shortened according to the situation.

Therefore, the editor recommends that moms can choose to buy diapers in small packages when the weather is humid. If the diaper starts to be slightly damp, please use it up quickly; if the diaper is more damp, then it can not be used by the baby.
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