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Compare the applicability of diapers from three aspects

by:Moosee     2021-05-06

When consumers use diapers, they can compare them with their experience, so as to facilitate the purchase of diapers with good applicability. Then, how to compare? We can proceed from three aspects. Let me tell you about it from the wholesale of diapers.

(1) Compare the absorption. Products with large absorption mean that each piece of product can be used for a longer time, reducing the number of users. Although some products are cheap, their absorption is small, and they need to be replaced frequently during use. The increase in the number of products used will increase consumption expenditure. The price-performance ratio should be considered when choosing. However, each diaper (sheet/pad) is not easy to use for too long, because the bacteria will multiply after the diaper (sheet/pad) is contaminated, which affects the health of the body.

(2) Compare the dryness of diapers (sheets/pads) after use. The surface of a good diaper should be able to keep dry, which helps to protect the skin from dryness and the user feels comfortable.

(3) Look at the shape of the diaper (sheet/pad) after use. A good product should be able to maintain a complete and uniform shape after absorbing a certain amount of liquid. The poor product, after being squeezed and rubbed during use, the absorbent layer will become loose and clumpy, which will affect the use.

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