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Correctly treat the use of adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-10

The seemingly simple 'excretion in the bathroom' is actually a combination of multiple 'physical functions'-'the perception of urinationWith the increase of people's age, their physical functions gradually decline, and seemingly simple things have become out of reach. Today we will talk about one of the most frequently asked questions during work-diapers.  

In the process of communicating with major organizations, I often hear the staff of the organization say 'family or elders refuse to use diapers because they think they are still sane, why use diapers'! Japanese institutions with the concept of 'independence support' care also regard the use of diapers as the last resort for excretion care.

The facility will make use of the surviving function of the elderly as much as possible to help them excrete in the bathroom; if the elderly’s walking function declines, the facility will also choose a mobile toilet for excretion in the house; unless in an unavoidable situation, the facility Will respect the dignity of the elderly as the premise, use diapers to a minimum.  

The correct and reasonable use of diapers can reduce the mental stress caused by urinary incontinence and facilitate going out; if diapers are used at night, it can reduce the physical burden of myself and the caregivers, and reduce the need to go to the bathroom at night. Risk of falling, etc. In one sentence, it can improve the quality of life of the elderly. Here I want to explain something. The use of diapers is not a 24-hour use. We can use diapers when needed based on the physical characteristics of the elderly.

For example, when going out; or for the elderly who frequently wake up at night and seriously affect their sleep, we can only use diapers at night.  

On the contrary, unreasonable use or excessive use of diapers will also bring some negative effects to the elderly, such as: self-esteem damage, dependence on diapers, weakened urinary and defecation, and easy to cause skin problems, etc. . If necessary, please feel free to contact us.
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