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Design points of adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-11

I believe everyone is no stranger to adult diapers. It is generally composed of three main parts: surface covering layer, absorbent core layer and base cloth. The surface coating layer is close to the human body, which can promote the rapid penetration of urine and effectively prevent back seepage, keeping the surface layer of the diaper dry. The following introduces you to the main points of the design of adult diapers. 
1. Surface coating: Adult diapers on the domestic market are basically non-woven fabrics. Breathable non-woven fabrics can improve the air permeability of adult diapers, and water vapor can circulate outside the diapers in time. Exhaust moisture and heat, effectively reduce the chance of eczema, soft and comfortable without irritating the skin. 
2. Absorbing core layer: This layer is mainly able to capture and quickly absorb urine, disperse urine or diffuse it into the entire core layer through capillary action, absorb and store urine. The absorbent core layer for adult diapers on the market is mainly a layered structure composed of pure wood pulp and super absorbent resin.  

3. Bottom fabric: The adult diaper bottom fabric in the market is still mainly composed of PE film, but there are also many foreign diaper bottom fabrics that have used non-woven fabrics.   In recent years, the adult product market has grown rapidly in China. Therefore, I believe that the adult diaper industry has a bright future in the next few years. If you also have needs in this area, please contact us!
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