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Do not use wet wipes for your baby in these situations

by:Moosee     2021-06-05

As we all know, baby wipes are a very convenient baby product for mothers. Usually, the baby gets his hands dirty from eating or after pulling the papa, mothers only need to pull a wet wipe to solve it, but the manufacturer of wet wipes here reminds mothers that wet wipes should not be used indiscriminately, otherwise it will be harmful to the baby’s health. Under what circumstances can we not use wet wipes?

1. The quality of wet wipes is not good enough or non-infant wipes

Some mothers are very careless. Even if the baby is uncomfortable, they will use wet tissues as usual. They think that the child's discomfort is not related to wet tissues, so they don't care. But in fact, the baby's discomfort may be caused by allergies to the ingredients of wet wipes. Therefore, Bao Ma said that you must carefully check the main ingredients of the wet wipes before use, and see if the baby is suitable for use.

2. Delicate skin area

The skin of different parts of the baby's body also needs to be treated differently. For example, the skin of important parts of the baby's face, buttocks, and lower body must not be compared with the skin on the back. The skin of these delicate or sensitive parts is very sensitive. Once the quality of the wet wipes is not good, it will cause allergies to these important parts of the baby, causing skin rashes, itching, and other problems, which will affect the baby's health.

3. Under the low-temperature environment

Many baby mothers use wet wipes because of their convenience, so regardless of the season, they will be used in autumn and winter when the temperature is low. In fact, when the temperature is low, the baby’s skin itself will be fragile, and the body temperature will not be high. The wet wipes will also become cold when exposed to low temperatures. At this time, using wet wipes to wipe the baby’s buttocks may cause the baby to catch a cold, vomiting and diarrhea, And other issues. Therefore, when wiping the baby's skin, it is best to use ordinary dry towels with soft quality and good water absorption, so that it will not affect the baby's skin.

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