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Four eras experienced by adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-14

The growth of adult diapers is related to the background of the times and technological progress. Its development process has roughly experienced four eras: the initial era, the era of technological transformation, the era of independent excretion, and the era of diversified products.

First, the early era  

Before the advent of diapers, waste fabrics were mostly used as diapers, that is, the era when cloth and diaper cover were used at the same time. In the 1960s, overlapped use of toilet paper began to appear, that is, the initial paper diapers. 15-20 sheets of toilet paper were overlapped into diapers and used at the same time as the diaper cover. The sales target was mainly hospitals. From this, they gradually switched from cloth diapers to diapers. The shape of the diaper is rectangular, and it also uses a diaper cover like cloth diapers, which is a flat type.

Since the 1970s, there has been a material conversion, and toilet paper has been converted to fluff pulp. At that time, the price of toilet paper soared several times, resulting in insufficient materials and unsustainable production. Compared with toilet paper, fluff pulp has the advantage of being cheaper, but There were also problems such as poor water absorption and pulp offset in diapers. Later, after technical improvements, these problems were solved.

On the other hand, the water storage capacity of fluff pulp is higher than that of toilet paper, and the absorption capacity of a single diaper is larger, and the number of sheets used in the diaper is reduced. But cloth diapers are still used in this era.  

Second, the era of technological transformation  

After entering the 1980s, with the use of high-absorbent resin (SAP), the urine absorption of diapers has a breakthrough increase. One piece of diaper can be used each time, and it has the performance beyond cloth diapers for the first time. At the same time, adhesive-type paper diapers appeared as an integrated design for the waterproof membrane of the diaper cover. It can be used as long as the adhesive stickers on the left and right sides of the waist are fixed. Most bedridden elderly people choose this type.  

Three, independent excretion era  

In 1994, panty-type diapers appeared for the purpose of independent excretion. The previous diapers were based on the caregiving service of the caregiver, and did not consider the needs of the caretaker to wear independently. This kind of underwear-type diapers can be pulled up and down by themselves, making it easier for the elderly to excrete independently.  

Four, the era of diversified commodities  

Adult diapers have a variety of products suitable for elderly people, including flat type, adhesive type, underwear type, etc., and these products are used at the same time as diaper products specifically for urine absorption performance. Various types have also been developed, such as men's and women's, as well as pads for underwear, etc. They are even divided into mild incontinence and large pads according to the occasion of use, which can be selected according to the user's situation.

These diaper liners can be used together with tape type, panty type diapers, etc. You only need to replace the liner after urination, and the price is cheaper than tape type, panty type diapers, and not only has economical features. , In addition, because the replacement is easy, the nursing workload is reduced.
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