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Four reasons to choose adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-17

At present, there are an endless stream of adult diapers on the market, which is dazzling. Are you at a loss for various products with different functions? Let’s introduce the advantages of adult diapers:

1. Adult diapers are leakproof and clean and worry-free. The product has a widened and lengthened design to increase the protective area and absorption capacity, and effectively prevent the excrement from leaking out of the bed sheet.

2. Adult diapers are dry and comfortable. Add more water-absorbent polymer, the absorption capacity is large, and the moisture-locking effect is good. The mesh embossed diversion design guides moisture to diffuse around and keeps the surface dry and comfortable.

3. The skin-friendly surface of adult diapers is intimate. Use high-grade skin-friendly non-woven fabric as the surface layer, which is soft and comfortable to touch, moisture-permeable and moisture-proof, and is good for skin health.

4. Adult diapers are safe and sanitary. Strictly control the raw materials and every detail of the production of adult diapers to ensure safety and sanitation.
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