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How many rules do you know when choosing diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-07-02

Diaper rash is mainly caused by the mixture of urine and stool and the inflammation caused by the skin irritation and friction of poor quality diapers, which is that there will be some redness from the genitals to the buttocks, and it is also on the skin. It will become rough and even small pimples will appear. Especially if you use airtight diapers or bad quality diapers while having prickly heat on your butt, it will also cause diaper rash. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good diaper.

1. Good absorption and fast absorption can reduce the contact time between urine and skin, which will also reduce the probability of diaper rash; and if the absorption is high, it can reduce the frequency of replacement and less disturb sleep In the baby.

2. Dryness and non-re-penetration firstly need to choose dry and non-re-penetration, so that the sleeping baby will not be able to sleep peacefully without being caused by wet diapers, and it also reduces the chance of diaper rash.

3. The quality of the moisturizing protective layer of diapers will basically add natural skincare ingredients to the surface of the non-woven fabric, so that a soft protective layer containing moisturizing ingredients will be formed, thereby moisturizing the baby's delicate skin.

4. Leak-proof design Choose leak-proof diapers to prevent leakage of excrement. At the same time, pay attention to whether the leg guards are too tight and make the baby uncomfortable.

5. Soft texture Baby's skin is very delicate, so if the diaper is not soft, it will easily rub against the baby's skin, causing the little butt to become red or even worn out, so this texture The choice is also very important.

6. Lightweight and breathable. When the baby's excretion is irregular, many novice parents will be at a loss. Therefore, when choosing diapers, we also need to pay attention to choosing light and thin diapers with good air permeability.

7. Cut fit Each baby has a different body shape. It is necessary to choose a tailored design that suits the baby, such as a U-shaped close-fitting design. It is best for mothers to buy a small package first, try it on a few times, and find a suitable brand.

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