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How old can a baby be to break a diaper?

by:Moosee     2021-03-31

Diapers can be said to be the most needed thing for novice mothers. They are convenient and easy to worry about. They no longer need to spend time washing diapers. Babies use diapers at birth, when should they take them off? According to the principles of defecation training recommended by foreign countries, it is recommended that children receive independent defecation training for 18-24 months.

At this time, if the baby can express his thoughts, put on the pants, he will pull on the uncomfortable diaper, and will send out a signal when he wants to urinate. You can try to gradually break down the diaper and train your bowel movement step by step. But these things must respect the children's own wishes, not mandatory requirements.

Some people worry that if you wear diapers all the time, your baby will defecate at will, and you will not learn to defecate by yourself. It is imperative to let the baby learn to go to the toilet, and the body can only mature until a certain level of development. Some studies have pointed out that early diapers break baby paper and force the baby to go to the toilet. Once improperly guided, it will cause the baby to have a lot of psychological pressure and urination, which can easily lead to constipation, damage to the kidney and urinary tract infection. Before one and a half years old, the baby's urination center is not well developed and cannot urinate spontaneously.

Children between one and a half to two years old can express their thoughts about going to the toilet, and then parents can train their children to go to the toilet by themselves. During the specific operation, parents should not rush to do it. Some children have a smooth bowel movement on their own, but bedwetting and diaper pants can also be used in the middle, which are normal phenomena. Don't blame the child. It is also taboo to compare, and you can’t blindly worry because your child takes off the diaper early. After all, good parents know how to let their children take their time.
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