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How should expectant mothers choose adult diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-03-13

Pregnant women will have frequent urination during the third trimester, and the parturient will urinate lochia after delivery. In the face of the above two conditions, most pregnant women will choose adult diapers, so how should a mother choose adult diapers?

1. Suitable for people with sensitive skin

When women are pregnant, hormones in the body are changed, skin immunity is reduced, and unclean sanitary products can easily cause skin diseases. Therefore, during pregnancy, Baoma's requirements for hygiene products are much higher than usual. Adult diapers must be breathable and suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Personal

Adult diapers that do not fit snugly will not only be uncomfortable to wear, but will also cause leakage. And the non-fitting adult diapers are bloated and ugly to wear. Therefore, when choosing adult diapers, they generally do not choose general styles, but prefer to design adult diapers of different sizes according to the waist circumference.

3. Products suitable for different periods

Different specifications of adult diapers are needed in different periods. Just like sanitary napkins that have less weight and more volume, adult diapers are no exception. There are light and thin adult diapers suitable for late pregnancy and slight urine leakage, and all-inclusive adult diapers suitable for large amounts of postpartum lochia.

4. Design products according to gender

In addition to the adult diapers that are more inclined to be designed according to the waist circumference, for example, the choice of male and female adult diapers, because men and women have different urine excretion positions and body structures, it is more scientific to design products according to gender and effectively prevent The peculiar smell avoids the embarrassment of the peculiar smell of urine caused by leakage of urine in public places.
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