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How to change the baby's diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-05-10

It seems like a very small thing to change the baby's diapers, but there are many mothers who don't know how to change the diapers correctly at first. It is not impossible that wrong practices will cause harm to your baby's health. It is really not difficult to change the baby's diapers, only to master these points.

1.Raise your feet

I have seen that many mothers around us like to improve the baby’s feet when changing the baby’s diapers. The first is to prevent the baby’s feet from kicking and increasing the difficulty of the company’s replacement.

The second is that it is indeed easier to change easily by lifting the baby's feet. However, if the baby’s feet are raised during the study of changing diapers, the baby’s back will also be empty, so that diapers need to be changed frequently every day, which may directly affect the development of the baby’s body growth system. In the process of replacement, Bao Ma can gently hold up the baby's buttocks with her hands, so that it will not cause harm to the baby's healthy development.

2.Play with the children after changing clothes

Some mothers will habitually go to study or tease their children after changing their children’s diapers. Children who have just started accepting their mother’s changing diapers are physically and mentally uncomfortable, and then suddenly tease them. Not only does the development of a child not make the educated children happy, but it may affect these children and cause them to be frightened. It is easy for the baby to have no fear of changing diapers for a long time, which is not conducive to the normal growth and development of the baby's body.

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