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How to check whether the diapers are qualified products?

by:Moosee     2021-05-09

The Baby's skin is very delicate, and it is easy to have adverse reactions due to the external environment. Things like red ass are quite common. Therefore, the use of high-quality diapers is very important. Not only is the quality of diapers guaranteed, but it also protects the baby's skin. However, it is normal that bad products exist in the current diaper market. Everything in the world itself is polarized, two polarizations and time coexist, never stopping. How to see the quality of diapers? Check whether the diapers are qualified products according to these standards.

1: Fabric comfort

The degree of softness of the diaper can determine the comfort and safety that the baby needs to wear. It is advisable to choose a diaper that is light, soft and does not irritate the baby's skin, which can reduce the friction between the diaper and the baby's skin.

2: Absorbing and locking water

Quality diapers contain absorbent polymers that can absorb a large amount of water, and can also quickly, moisture, make the baby dry, not sticky to the bottom, and good sleep quality is firmly locked.

3: Instantaneous absorption and dryness

The diapers that can be absorbed instantly, dry and non-reverse osmosis, can reduce the contact of the Chinese baby's own skin with dirt, reduce the probability of a baby suffering from the red butt, and also ensure that our baby has a high-quality sleep.

4: Breathable and not stuffy

A good diaper not only needs to be breathable but also not stuffy so that it is good for the baby's health.

5: Design with urine display

Can remind parents to change diapers in time, and give the baby a comfortable and pleasant experience.

6: Continuous core layer, no bumps

If the diaper absorbs a certain amount of liquid, after squeezing and rubbing, the diaper can still keep the core body from malfunctioning and cannot afford it. It is a high-quality diaper.

7: Three-dimensional protective enclosure, comprehensively improve leakage prevention

The diapers with a three-dimensional protective design can protect the base of the baby's thighs well. The elastic design prevents the baby from leaking urine and allows the baby to wear freely and move easily.

8: Elastic waist circumference, not restrained

The research found that the elastic waist can not only ensure the baby's wearing comfort, but also effectively prevent side leakage, which is conducive to growth and baby's development.

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