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How to choose a suitable baby diaper?

by:Moosee     2021-05-16

The diaper is very important to the baby’s growth. Inappropriate diapers are uncomfortable for babies to wear and can cause skin problems in the baby. Therefore, the choice of diapers is very important, which determines whether the baby can be comfortable. Some unsuitable diapers will leak urine, which is definitely not good for the baby's skin. This article introduces you to how to choose a suitable baby diaper?

1.The back is higher than the abdomen

Most babies always have back leakage when they sleep. When choosing diapers for babies, try to choose a high-waist design. If the phenomenon of back leakage occurs again, there is a problem in our lives by knowing whether to wear diapers for the baby. We have to learn how to wear this way correctly, pay attention to putting the back higher than the abdomen, and learn to learn the different ways of wearing the correct way, we can get the basic situation that students cannot avoid to a large extent.

2.The Velcro on both sides should be even

Many parents are sloppy when changing their children's diapers, thinking that they can wrap the diapers on their buttocks. Especially the father of the child. Now, most diaper Velcro has a 1/2/3 scale. When we wear diapers for children, we must put on both sides of the scale at the same time to ensure that it is not sticky and reduces urine leakage.

3.Organize the leak-proof side

Now some diaper manufacturers are also aware of the phenomenon of side leakage, and the diaper is designed on the edge of the leak-proof side. However, many parents are not aware of this problem, and rushed after putting on diapers for their children, and did not pay attention to this side leakage prevention design. We need to make corrections in time. Every time we put on our children’s diapers, we should arrange them with the leak-proof side so that the leak-proof sides can be well fitted on the inner thigh of the baby and avoid the side The leakage phenomenon has occurred.

4.The size should be selected for the size

If the size of the diaper is not selected correctly, then everything before us will be in vain. Many parents of students can always hesitate in this link, not knowing what size diapers should be chosen for their babies. Now this phenomenon can be easily avoided. Every diaper has a model. We only need to know the child's weight. According to the child's weight, abdominal circumference, and hip circumference, we can easily find a suitable diaper for the baby.

But this is not absolute. It is possible that the size is not suitable. Observe the baby's clothes in time to see if there is any looseness. Once there is a loose diaper, the size is very large, there will be leakage of urine, and then we find a suitable diaper size according to this standard.

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