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How to choose adult diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-03-17

There are more and more adult diapers and adult diapers on the market. They have appeared one after another, and their applications in life are endless. Many people do not know how to choose the correct adult diaper, and what kind of adult diaper to choose is healthy for the elderly. Next, let's analyze how this adult diaper is suitable for him.

1. Absorption: For adult diapers, considering that adults need less, frequent, inconvenient movement, and no one takes care of them; therefore, the absorption of diapers also needs to be considered, generally 800ml Around, the urine can be absorbed twice.  

2. Water absorption: The water absorption is also the key to choosing adult diapers. Because of its better water absorption, it is more convenient to use and reliable. Therefore, generally some high-grade fluff pulp fibers are composed of a mixture of polymer water-absorbing agents, and the net-shaped diversion layer enables the urine to quickly penetrate and diffuse.  

3. Comfort: Because adult diapers are close to the skin, in order to avoid large gaps, the structural design of diapers is also very important.  

4. Dryness: Dryness can ensure that the skin is not red, which is very important no matter which season it is. It is quite unfavorable to the skin for long-term contact with urine.  
When choosing adult diapers in the future, you can refer to the above opinions. It is very important to choose the correct and comfortable diapers for the elderly. Through the description of the above four points, I believe it can give you some help.
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