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How to choose an adult nursing pad?

by:Moosee     2021-03-17

In many cases, the elderly need to use adult nursing pads because they cannot move freely. However, in the face of various brands and quality nursing pads on the market, I don’t know how to choose suitable nursing pads for the elderly. of.  

1. Whether the absorption is strong   

The flow rate of urine is fast, and it is necessary for the nursing pad to have strong absorption capacity to prevent urine leakage.  

2. Is the surface soft?  

Because the skin of the elderly who stay in bed for a long time will become very fragile, the surface material of the nursing pad must be soft and not touch the skin of the elderly.  

3. Whether to prevent back seepage   

Nowadays, many elderly people with paralysis may suffer from bedsores once they are not well treated.  

4. Whether it is close to the body and effective leakproof   

Nursing pads must be worn comfortably and close to the body, no matter whether the elderly walks or turns over, there should be no side leakage or back leakage.  

As children, we should pay attention to the care for the elderly, so it is very important to choose the right adult nursing pad.
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