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How to choose baby diapers better?

by:Moosee     2021-04-01

1. It must have instantaneous suction diversion and batch adsorption technology, which can absorb the baby many times to urinate and urinate (the baby usually wets 3-4 times on the day before 1 year old, and the total output is average Does not exceed 300 ml.

2. It must have antibacterial effect, worry that the baby's urine in the temperature and humidity environment will be easier to combine with the oxygen cylinder in the air to grow bacteria, and the bacteria may damage the baby, especially the female treasure . I am worried that the female treasure’s vagina is the most sensitive (diapers with no antibacterial effect, it is recommended to change every 3 hours, diapers with rich antibacterial effect can be changed once a night, generally no more than 12 hours.

3. It is best to have a stretchable waist, so that it fits more closely. Diapers with no stretchable waist circumference may worry that the wet part will be heavier after the baby is wet and the baby will turn over repeatedly when sleeping. It is relatively easy to fail to move with the ass and it is easy to tighten (strangle) the inner thigh of a baby. It is best to choose a stretchable waist that has vents to eliminate the heat.

4. There must be a leak-proof pressing edge, so that the bed will not be filled with baby's pee.

5. The best choice is a ventilated base film, so that the air is ventilated and the water is barrier, the baby's buttocks are very comfortable and comfortable.

6. It is best to feel soft and comfortable. Some diapers have a large block (perhaps hygroscopic polymer material) to the touch, and it will be very awkward for a baby to wear it overnight.

7. It is best to absorb it to not break the block, if the block is broken, it is easier to overflow the polymer material, and the sensitive facial skin and the polymer material are more prone to skin allergies.
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