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How to choose diapers for babies at different growth stages?

by:Moosee     2021-03-30

As the baby grows up day by day, the changes are rapid. The food, drink, and use... are all changing. The clothes bought one month ago may not fit well after two months. So many mothers have a worry, how do you choose the right diapers for your baby?

Newborn (0-5 months):

1. Soft, breathable, non-irritating newborn skin is a sensitive, safe and soft material that can avoid friction. When the baby has stool and urinates, the baby's father must change the diaper in time to effectively avoid red buttocks and diaper rash. According to the baby's skin and seasonal characteristics, you can also choose light, comfortable and breathable diapers for your baby.

2. Protective layer and diaper reminder High-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven layer to form a soft protective layer of moisturizing ingredients, which not only feels smooth, soft and comfortable, but also can effectively isolate and absorb The urine, avoid irritating the baby’s skin, and the protective layer can also play a moisturizing effect. Irregular excretion of newborns. The new Bao Ma Bao dad can choose a new type of diaper wet urine display. By changing the color of the wet urine, he can know whether the baby has urinated.

School climbing period (6-12 months):

1. Flexible design, coordination and cooperation with the baby to learn to climb, more attention should be paid to overall comfort, flexible designed diapers can cooperate with the baby to learn to climb, so that the baby can move freely. In addition, you can also choose more three-dimensional fit pants diapers, so that your baby can easily explore the world. A well-fitting diaper can prevent leakage and side leakage when the baby moves. Better diapers have elastic waist and elastic waistband design, so they are more comfortable to wear.

2. Fast absorption, comfort, and leakage prevention. The growth of babies also means that babies eat more and excrete more. At this time, choosing a diaper that can absorb quickly, is comfortable, and leak-proof will be more worry-free, lest the baby is always crying and annoying.

Toddler period (after 13 months):

Elastic and comfortable, easy to wear and infants who enter the infant stage should pay attention to choosing elastic and comfortable diapers. At this time, most babies are very active and curious about things and should not choose bulky diapers to restrict their baby's activities. The elastic diaper is easy to put on and take off, and it is also convenient for people to quickly change the baby's diaper during activities.
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