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How to choose diapers is the best guarantee?

by:Moosee     2021-05-12

The use of diapers is very simple and convenient for taking care of the baby. However, if we choose and use it incorrectly, it will also cause harm to the baby. So, how should the choice of diapers be the best guarantee for the baby?

1. Judge whether the quality of diaper is qualified

High-quality diapers, soft and comfortable to the touch, strong water absorption, no peculiar smell. On the contrary, poor quality diapers, not wet and rough, not strong in water absorption, easy to swell, and have peculiar smell. It can be observed and compared during use.

2. Make sure your diaper is the right size

The size of the diaper, if it is too large, may leak sideways, if it is small, it will strangle the baby's skin. The diaper packaging, its application will be marked with the age and weight range, this can only be used as a reference, due to different sizes and fat or thin babies, in the process of BMW to judge on its own, what size baby diapers.

3. The difference between male and female babies' diapers

Brands are divided into diapers of different thicknesses. There are differences in gender, the concentration of urine is also different, and the thickness is also different. Under normal circumstances, the front of the baby's diaper will be thicker.

4. The choice of pulling pants

Pull-up pants are good for improving your baby’s exercise, but not as convenient as diapers, which can adjust the tightness of your baby’s waist. Generally, baby pants are used when crawling and learning to walk.

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