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How to choose suitable baby diaper?

How to choose suitable baby diaper?


Baby's skin is delicate and fragile, especially for the part of skin used in diapers. If you don't change diapers frequently or don't select diapers in place, it will hurt the baby's skin. In order to give the baby better care, new parents should pay more attention to diaper replacement and selection.

1. Dry skin is healthy

Every time you change diapers for your child, you should take a warm and soft towel to wipe the baby's butt, and then dry it with cotton cloth to avoid causing moisture on the diapers, causing bacteria breeding and affecting the health of the skin. Of course, what needs to be reminded here is that when changing diapers for the baby, the indoor temperature should be appropriate to avoid the baby catching cold.

2. Diapers should be changed frequently

Wet skin is easy to become fragile, prone to diaper rash and other skin problems, in order to give the baby the most comfortable feeling, diapers must be changed frequently, and what kind of Absorbent Diapers should be used for the baby, so as to avoid the baby's skin becoming moist and sticky due to insufficient absorption.

3. Choose diapers carefully

The diapers selected for the baby must have good absorption and air permeability, so that the baby can wear both comfortable and dry. You can first choose some brand diapers with small packaging, so that the baby can adapt to it first. If there is no rash on the baby's buttocks, wear comfortable and then buy.

4. Use special diapers for your baby at night

Baby's sleep quality is very important, baby's growth and development, bone development, intelligence development are all related to sleep. Before going to bed at night, it is recommended that young mothers use special diapers for their babies, and pay attention to the sleep quality of babies.

5. Baby's diapers should have bacterio static effect

Because the baby's urine is easy to breed a large number of bacteria in the warm and humid environment, which may damage the baby's skin, especially for female babies, it is recommended that young mothers use antibacterial diapers for their babies. After using diapers, you should carefully observe whether there is rash on the baby's small buttocks, especially in the baby's thigh root, which is most likely to appear "enemy situation".

Conclusion: we do not recommend to buy a large number of diapers of the same size for children, because the baby's growth and development is very fast, with the change of age, their body shape has significant changes, if wearing unsuitable diapers, for the baby is very uncomfortable, and will hinder the normal physical development.

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