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How to choose the right diapers for your baby in summer?

by:Moosee     2021-07-05

The hottest season of the year has arrived. If you go out for five minutes and sweat for an hour, everyone will be sweating profusely in thin clothes, not to mention the baby wears diapers. If you choose It's not right, it will definitely hurt the baby, so the following is a little knowledge for mothers on how to choose the baby's diapers.

Actually, it is a simple matter to choose diapers for babies. As long as parents master the key to the use of diapers, they can use them comfortably and coolly. Infant skin is only one-tenth the size of adult skin. There are fewer collagen fibers in the dermis and its elasticity is poor. It is prone to foreign bodies and frictional damage. Therefore, choose soft, breathable, high-quality diapers for your baby. If it is not soft enough, the baby's delicate skin will be rubbed red and even injured.

Due to the irregularity of the baby’s excretion, many parents cannot change with the wet. Therefore, when choosing diapers, they should not only pay attention to the thickness and water absorption strength but should choose lightness and lightness for the baby according to the characteristics of the baby’s skin and the summer climate. Breathable diapers. In addition to materials, choosing a good diaper should also consider details.

1. The waist design should be closer to the body

A good diaper waist design must have certain flexibility to meet the baby's body curve. In summer, the baby sweats a lot, and the waist and the baby's skin are not rubbed back and forth against the body. Even if the surface is soft, the baby's skin will be damaged.

2. The tailoring should be more comfortable

The close-fitting design of diapers should be reflected in the crotch. In order to increase the water absorption of some diapers, the crotch is usually wider, so after the baby wears the diaper, there will be more friction between the inner and outer thighs, which will also cause certain damage to the skin.

3. Waist sticker design

Although the Velcro tape used on diapers avoids the trouble and safety hazards when using pins before, the tape on the waist can also easily scratch the baby's skin, especially in summer, which is more likely to cause infection. Of course, not every parent will have a lot of time and energy to buy diapers, but just remember to go to reputable retail places such as regular shopping malls and supermarkets to choose, and remember to choose products from well-known companies.

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