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How to choose the size of adult diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-03-12

Adult diapers are disposable urinary incontinence products, one of the adult care products, and a disposable diaper mainly suitable for incontinent adults. The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of fluff pulp and polymer water-absorbing agent. So how should the size of adult diapers be chosen?

Adult diapers are generally selected according to the size of the user’s waist or hips. They are divided into large (L) or medium (M). Some brands also include small (S) and extra-large (XL). ).

Some manufacturers set the specifications according to the waist circumference, and some manufacturers according to the hip circumference. There is a big gap between the waist circumference data of the human body and the hip circumference data. When choosing adult diapers, it is necessary to see whether the applicable size range on the product packaging refers to the waist or hip circumference.

You can't just rely on the M, L, XL marked on the adult diaper packaging to select specifications, because different manufacturers, or even different brands within the same manufacturer, may define the size range of these specifications codes completely.

So, the main thing you should pay attention to when choosing the specifications of adult diapers is the number range of the hip (or waist) marked on the packaging, while the specifications of M, L, XL and other specifications are only for reference and easy to remember Logo.
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