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How to distinguish high-quality wet wipes

by:Moosee     2021-06-23

Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards, mothers pay special attention to hygiene for their babies. Among them, baby wipes are easier to use and convenient to carry. No matter where the baby is dirty, they can pick it up anytime, anywhere. Take out wet wipes to wipe. However, the baby wipes market continues to enter a saturated state, and the brands on the market are also mixed, so how to distinguish which baby wipes are more suitable for babies?

1. Squeeze

Strongly twist the wipes. A good wipe only adds a little irritating or natural skincare formula. The extruded liquid is transparent and clear, with a light milky white color, and no bubbles. It shows that there are too many chemical additives.

2. Burn

Wring out the wet wipes and ignite with fire. Wet wipes with chemical ingredients such as alcohol will burn quickly and will emit thick smoke and have a pungent odor; wet wipes without additives will only emit a faint odor when burned.

3. Look

If the surface of the wet wipes looks very shiny, it means that there are too many additives and chemical fiber components, which are not suitable for use.

4. Smell

If the wet wipes contain fragrance, it will irritate the baby's skin and cause harm to the baby. Therefore, when buying wet wipes, you should choose natural and fragrance-free baby wipes.     

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