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How to tell how old a baby is so that he does not need to wear diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-04-02

Many parents are skeptical about when their children will be able to get rid of diapers. Especially in the sultry season, diapers often cover the baby's ass with a rash, which is heartbreaking, and it is very inconvenient to not wear it, and worry that their children will make excrement all over the place.

The following is a little knowledge of how old babies can be without wearing diapers for moms, let’s take a look. In fact, it is not a problem for children to get diapered or not. As long as the babies have the following behaviors around 2 years old, they can consider saying goodbye to diapers.

1. Consciousness of controlling stool The key to getting rid of diapers is that children can control the time of urination and defecation, which is not difficult to observe in daily life. If parents understand that the child’s defecation time is obviously cyclical and can insist on defecation for about 2 hours, this indicates that the child has a certain defecation ability, and parents can use the ability to encourage their children to use the bathroom alone.

2. Curious about the toilet. When children grow up to a certain level, they will be curious about the things in the toilet, especially the things in the toilet. Some mothers often encounter this situation. As soon as the parents closed the toilet door and prepared to have a comfortable bowel movement, they ran to knock on the door, eager to see their mother go to the toilet or flush the water. This shows that the children are interested in the toilet. Parents can guide their children to use the toilet correctly when going to the toilet, help them understand the toilet, and let the child do the actual operation.

3. It seems very simple to have a certain degree of self-control to go to the toilet. In fact, children need to learn various operations to be successful, such as knowing the location of the toilet, using the toilet, and whether the strength of the legs can support the child to squat or sit on the toilet, which depends on their self-control ability.
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