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How to use adult diapers?

by:Moosee     2021-03-17

Nowadays, many elderly people who cannot take care of themselves or only have the ability to take care of themselves have to use diapers, but how to make them feel comfortable when using diapers? Here are some precautions for using adult diapers.  

1. For example, in order to prevent the bed sheet from urinating, do not use plastic cloth to cushion it, because it has poor air permeability and is cold. You should buy a special urine pad, it feels much better when you sleep.  

2. Don't buy big diapers, because once a bedwetting is always a certain part, it is a pity to throw it away. So you should buy a small cushion, such as 60×60 cm, and put a few more pieces on the bed, so that you can throw it away at random.  

3. For the same reason, when you wear clothes in winter, you should wear a few more thin clothes, so that you can wash your clothes when you urinate. The same is true for the covered quilt, which should be covered with several layers of towels and can be changed and washed at any time.  

It can be seen that adult diapers are very important to the application of nursing for the elderly. I hope everyone can pay more attention to make the elderly feel comfortable and convenient. It is also our gratitude to be children.
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