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Is diapers dry garbage or wet garbage

by:Moosee     2021-03-11

Does diapers belong to dry garbage or wet garbage? This problem is obviously not a problem for Shanghai residents. The trash bin rooms arranged side by side in the community clearly indicate: 'Natural diapers' belongs to dry garbage. However, in other cities that have not yet implemented garbage classification, many people still need to know more about this issue. Today we will talk about it in detail.  

Because of the early garbage classification in Shanghai, many community residents have formed a good habit of fixed-point and regular garbage classification. Residents can clearly distinguish which garbage bins such as diapers and shells should be put in. However, residents in other communities should also pay attention to the fact that the classification of domestic waste will be subject to legal restrictions.  

Individual districts that tried to implement garbage classification earlier introduced a batch of intelligent classification systems for domestic garbage. There is a weighing system at the bottom of each trash bin, which is connected to the background data service system. This system can accurately trace each bag of garbage. If you find wrongly classified garbage, scan the QR code on the garbage bag to know which household has classified the garbage by mistake, and then notify the back office of this information, and the back-office administrator will tell the information about the wrong garbage through the system. Resident, remind him not to make a mistake next time.  

No matter whether the diaper is wet or not, the diaper is dry garbage! Because dry garbage and wet garbage are not distinguished according to their moisture content, wet garbage refers to perishable biomass waste produced in daily life, and dry garbage refers to waste other than hazardous garbage, recyclables, and wet garbage. . There are also napkins, wet paper towels, toilet paper and so on.
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