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Market size of adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-18

With the continuous changes in the domestic aging population structure, adult incontinence products have begun to be recognized by more and more consumers. In recent years, the growth rate of adult incontinence products in the Chinese market has surpassed that of baby diapers, and the entire industry has entered a period of rapid growth. . Here is an introduction to the market size of adult diapers.

At present, the domestic adult incontinence product market is still in the staking stage and has not been intensively cultivated. If regional well-known brands can take the lead in market share through Ru0026D and sales investment, they will have the opportunity to become the leader in this sunrise industry.

In the long run, leading companies and industry pioneers will respectively become winners in the baby diaper market and the adult incontinence product market. Among them, Hengan is a leading domestic baby diaper company, and quickly extended its product line to adult diapers, successfully occupying a place in the domestic diaper market.

At present, there are 118 adult diaper manufacturers registered in China with more than 200 brands, of which more than 50% are at the bottom of the consumption pyramid, and 15% are high-end brands, which are basically foreign brands. Long-term segregation, and consumers' choice of purchase channels has also undergone a trend of diversification and segmentation.

However, at present, the productivity of domestic manufacturers has not met the increasing demands of consumption upgrades, and the market structure is in a state of disorderly competition, deep in the quagmire of low-price homogenization. Breaking through requires companies to bravely strive for victory in changes.

The development of adult diapers is also constantly maturing, and the future development is worth looking forward to.
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