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Pay attention to the growth and development of the baby when using diapers

by:Moosee     2021-06-30

The advantages of using diapers for babies are many. Not only are babies’ mobility convenient, but as adults, they don’t need to worry about frequent cleaning of diapers. After all, diapers are only disposable and can be discarded after use. Although it is very convenient to use diapers for your baby, inappropriate use of diapers can also cause bad things to happen, especially for the growth and development of the baby. The baby grows up to be infertile. So, when we use diapers for babies, how should we pay attention to the growth and development of babies?

1. Change the diapers if they are wet or dirty

When the diapers are wet or dirty, they must be replaced in time, otherwise, the baby will feel very uncomfortable when wrapped in the wet diapers, which is not good for the body. Generally speaking, in the first few months, the number of changing diapers may reach as many as 10 times within 24 hours. You can choose to change it before or after each feeding, after each child's bowel movement, before the child goes to bed, etc. When replacing your child, be sure to pay attention to whether your fingers are dry and clean.

2. Pay attention to the use of high-quality diapers

Because many diapers are not completely paper, the sponge and fiber in the inner layer have a certain adsorption effect, and long-term use will cause certain damage to the delicate skin of the baby. What's more serious is that diapers may cause infertility in baby boys. Because it is airtight and close to the baby's skin, it is easy to increase the local temperature. The most suitable temperature for the testicle of a boy is about 34℃. Once the temperature rises to 37℃, the testicle will not produce sperm in the future for a long time.

3. Be careful not to wrap the diapers too tightly

The sponge and fiber inside the diaper are water-absorbing, while the plastic film on the outside is water-proof, which is obviously worse in terms of air permeability. Therefore, when parents use it, they must be careful not to wrap the baby too tightly and use it frequently. If the baby's buttocks are always surrounded by diapers or use inferior diapers, it will undoubtedly affect the normal growth and development of the child. Prone to diseases such as perianal inflammation and anal fistula.

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