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Performance requirements for adult diapers at night

by:Moosee     2021-03-20

Night adult diapers are disposable sanitary products specially designed for night use by adults at night. Compared with ordinary adult diapers, their performance requirements are stricter. The following will introduce you to the performance requirements of night adult diapers:

1. Instantaneous inhalation, diversion and fractional absorption technology. It must have antibacterial effect, because the user's urine in a warm and humid environment can easily combine with oxygen in the air to breed bacteria, and bacteria will be invaded It's possible for adults.

Second, elastic waist, so close to the body. Diapers without elastic waist may cause the user to wet the wet part and heavier and the user has the characteristics of turning over repeatedly when sleeping at night, and cannot move with the buttocks. It is easy to tighten (stroke) the inner thigh of the user, and the elastic waist is selected with vents, so that the stuffiness can be discharged.

3. There must be leak-proof folds and a breathable bottom film, so that it is breathable and impermeable, and the user's buttocks are very dry and comfortable. It is worth noting that the ammonia produced by diapers affects the environment and health, and stimulates use The eyes and respiratory tract of the person.

4. It is soft and comfortable to the touch. Some diapers have a piece of hard material (may be a water-absorbing polymer). The absorption should not be broken. Once the layer is broken, it is easy to overflow the polymer, and the sensitive skin is related to the polymer. , It is easy to be allergic.
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