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Precautions for choosing adult nursing pads

by:Moosee     2021-03-10

Under normal circumstances, the considerations for choosing adult nursing pads will consider the following points:   

Adult nursing pads have thoughtful designs in these points:   

1. Massive instant absorption, high-efficiency water-locking: Anguyi Nursing Pad contains high molecular polymer, which has water-absorbing effect.  

2. Reasonable design of four-layer structure: the soft surface layer makes the skin feel more comfortable; the absorbent core adopts imported high molecular polymer, which is not easy to reverse osmosis.  

3. Diamond-shaped surface embossing, more effective for diversion of urine: Because the surface of the nursing pad is diamond-shaped, it can effectively divert urine, and the surface texture can absorb urine faster, achieving dryness and comfort.  

4. Leak-proof bottom mold, the inner layer is efficiently absorbed and kept dry, and the outer layer is made of anti-permeable material, which is soft and wear-resistant and avoids penetration.  

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