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Precautions for using adult diapers under high temperature

by:Moosee     2021-03-12

In the hot summer weather, a little careless use of adult diapers can cause eczema, bedsores, prickly heat and other diseases. These skin diseases are very common diseases in summer. Although they will not cause great harm to the body, the painful pain of itching and pain is a headache when they occur. So what are the things to pay attention to when using diapers under high temperature conditions? Let me introduce to you.

1. Pay attention to the choice of diaper base film material, breathability is the king. Adult diaper users are mostly adults with inconvenience and urinary incontinence. These users are themselves due to staying in bed for a long time. It is extremely prone to various skin diseases, most of which are induced by high temperature and high humidity. In high temperature environments, we should avoid the generation of humid environments. Although most of the popular diaper products can absorb urine and moisture to a certain extent, there will inevitably be residual moisture on the surface, plus a base film The materials used are different, and the air permeability is very different.

2. Pay attention to hygienic habits and change diapers frequently. If you have selected diapers with better breathability, but still have skin diseases such as eczema and prickly heat, it means that the user's own skin is sensitive The effect of simply choosing the breathability of diapers is not so obvious at this time. Caregivers are more concerned about the frequency of changing diapers. As long as users urinate, they should change them in time. Avoid wearing diapers that have absorbed water for a long time. This can reduce the incidence of diapers.

3. Do a good job in indoor ventilation and heat dissipation measures. Do a good job in indoor ventilation and heat dissipation measures. Frequently open windows for ventilation in the room. Turn on air conditioners or fans when necessary, but avoid direct blowing on the body; secondly, avoid direct sunlight. And activities in high temperature and high humidity environment; often take warm baths to expand pores and avoid skin irritation and allergies.
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