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Reasons for mothers to use adult nursing pads

by:Moosee     2021-03-15

The nursing pad is not a diaper. It is a disposable sanitary product made of PE film, non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, polymer and other materials. It is mainly used for surgery, gynecological examination, maternal care, child care, and paralysis. It is used in patients with incontinence and women's menstrual period. So what are the reasons for mothers to use adult nursing pads? Let me introduce to you.  

1. Reduce maternal pain  

Wounds are usually left on the vulva after delivery. Ordinary sanitary napkins are designed for ordinary women and are made of general synthetic fibers. Due to the chemical composition, there are many impurities, they are easy to fluff, have a large friction coefficient, they are easy to fall off, and are easy to produce. Static electricity can easily stimulate the sensitive wounds of the parturient and increase the pain of the parturient.  

2. Avoid maternal infections  

1. Ordinary sanitary napkins are made of chemical fiber and contain adhesives, fluorescent brighteners and other chemical ingredients. They are very unsuitable for the highly sensitive skin of the parturient and are prone to irritation and cause infection in the parturient. The surface of the adult nursing pad is soft. The non-woven fabric penetrates quickly and keeps the skin comfortable.  

2. Ordinary sanitary napkins are generally absorbent, prone to side leakage and reflux, and cannot cope with a large amount of postpartum lochia; during use, the surface of the sanitary napkin is humid and hot, which not only makes the parturient feel wet and sticky, but also discharges it. The lochia also contains nutrients suitable for the rapid growth of bacteria, which is extremely detrimental to the healing of maternal wounds. The nursing pad uses diversion embossing to guide the urine to spread around and keep it dry.  

3. Many sanitary napkins increase the thickness of the laminate in order to improve the waterproof performance, but the waterproof performance is too high, and the breathability and moisture permeability are poor, which can easily cause skin irritation and cause problems such as rash, red itching, etc. , Very unsuitable for postpartum women. Adult nursing pads use polymer absorbent resin to ensure rapid and effective absorption.  
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