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Requirements for paper-qualified diapers

by:Moosee     2021-05-25

No matter what product it is, it must be tested at the factory, and then it can be put into the market normally after it is proved that it is qualified. Otherwise, it cannot be put into the market for normal use. Let's let the diaper agent Let me briefly talk about what kind of diapers are qualified.

1.The diapers we use must have been factory tested. The first is their water absorption. If their water absorption is unqualified, it will affect the use of our products. After all, one of the reasons why we buy diapers is His water absorption, so what we care most about the use of diapers is his water absorption.

2. Another thing we should pay attention to when using diapers is the degree of dryness. We can’t say that the diapers become particularly moist after a little bit of water is sprinkled on them. If the diapers get wet, we will give them The child has changed, so in order not to be so wasteful, the diapers must have a certain degree of drying.

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