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Several principles to follow when choosing baby wipes

by:Moosee     2021-06-04

I believe that every mother wants to see the baby grow up healthily, so the careful care of mothers who want the healthy growth of the baby is indispensable. The choice of baby wipes is also one of the tasks that mothers need to do. First, what principles should mothers follow when choosing baby wipes? Next, let's listen to what the baby wipes manufacturers have to say.

1. PH value

When using wet wipes for laundry detergent, be sure to choose mild and relatively neutral pH. For some alkaline wet wipes, we don't want to choose.

2. Ingredients

When we choose wet wipes, we should look at the production ingredients in them, preferably pure natural products, so that there will be no irritation to the baby’s skin. The most important thing is that no chemical substances can be added to it. , Long-term use will not cause harm.

3. Consistency

In the process of selecting wet wipes, we must use them reasonably and see if they have a sticky feeling after use. Wet wipes are not as thick as possible. We must ensure that the skin is fresh and natural.

4. Color

The color of wet wipes is the most intuitive we can see. Now the color of wet wipes on the market can be said to be colorful, which looks very 'eye-catching.

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