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Six Misunderstandings of Baby Wipes

by:Moosee     2021-06-29

Baby's skin is often easy to dry if it is not well maintained, especially in autumn and winter, the air is also relatively dry. Therefore, you should choose a better quality baby wipes because it contains moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera, which can moisturize and moisturize your baby’s skin, while ordinary paper towels or towels will not work. To the effect of moisturizing. So novice parents should pay attention, the baby's skin is very delicate, but it should be protected. Here are the six misunderstandings of wet wipes.

1. Low friction

Baby's skin is delicate, wet wipes are relatively soft, and the materials used are generally thin cotton or non-woven fabrics, so they are softer than towels and can reduce frictional damage to the baby's skin.

2. Antibacterial

Some baby wipes contain antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. For babies who are curious about the world all day long, they can certainly reduce the chance of bacterial infection and illness.

3. Alcohol

The alcohol in the general wet wipes is used for disinfection. But anyone who has studied chemistry knows that alcohol is volatile and will take away a lot of water during the volatilization process. The baby's skin is easy to dry, so the wet wipes with alcohol will make the baby's skin feel uncomfortable, and it is not suitable for the baby.

4. Fluorescent agent

The fluorescent agent is a fluorescent dye, a complex organic compound. It will greatly weaken immunity and wound healing ability. If excessive accumulation in the human body, in addition to causing serious harm to important organs such as the liver, it will also induce cell cancer, which is one of the potential carcinogenic factors. Therefore, the fluorescent agents should not be contained in baby wipes, which poses a great potential threat to the baby's health.

5. Preservatives

Preservatives are substances used to extend the life and duration of items. But the preservatives added in baby products may cause skin allergies and even allergic dermatitis. If the baby is exposed to too much, it may inhibit the growth of bones to a certain extent and endanger the health of the kidneys and liver. Baby Wipes reminds us that babies with rapid physical development, need more attention from mothers.

6. Flavor

Some fragrances can cause skin irritation, especially for infants with thin skin. Some fragrances even have an impact on human body functions, so in order to reduce allergies and potential risks, it is best not to contain fragrance ingredients in baby wipes.

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