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Some misunderstandings about adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-13

With the continuous improvement of the production process, diapers has been improved from the original single function of preventing leakage and absorbing urine to not only leak-proof, breathable, but also urine-absorbing and antibacterial, and it has added a stretchable elastic waist and a three-dimensional leak-proof partition. And many other functions. The appearance of adult diapers is also convenient for many elderly people with incontinence. So what are the misunderstandings about adult diapers?

1. The thicker the product, the safer it is?  

Some friends think that the thicker the safer, the thicker the greater the absorption. But the diapers appear thick because they contain more wood pulp. However, the absorbency is mainly determined by the amount of high-molecular absorbent resin contained in it, and has nothing to do with the amount of wood pulp contained. Wood pulp has poor water-locking properties and is easy to seep back, and diapers that are too thick are not very breathable, which can easily cause skin problems such as bedsores.  

Second, the larger the absorption, the better?  

Many brands like to promote the selling point of the product 'saturated absorptionIt depends on the middle and back area of u200bu200bthe crotch of the product to absorb urine leakage.  

The amount of absorption mainly depends on the ratio and structure of polymer resin and fluff pulp. The higher the ratio and the higher the density, the absorption speed and total absorption of liquid can be increased, but the diffusion speed of liquid and wearing comfort will be reduced. degree.  

Therefore, the saturated absorption capacity is not the main criterion for judging the quality of the product. The scientific ratio and structure not only have high comfort and large absorption, but also ensure that the diffusion is fast enough to keep the surface dry.
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