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Structural composition of adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-19

Adult diapers are widely used in adult care. Compared with traditional diapers, adult diapers use high-tech materials in structure. The following will tell you about the structure of adult diapers:

Bottom film: It is the bottom material of the diaper, which has the function of preventing leakage, and the one with urine display has the function of showing the wetness of the urine.

Front waist sticker: There are two kinds of mesh surface and suede surface. It can be used in conjunction with the magic buckle. It can be pasted repeatedly and the tightness can be adjusted freely.

Left and right stickers: The inner film of the left and right stickers is coated with a layer of silicone oil. When the left and right stickers are peeled off, the glue will not transfer to the inner film. Used in conjunction with the front waist stickers, it plays a fixed role. Diversion layer: A new type of thermal bonding composite fiber.

It has the function of diversion, helps the urine to spread, and keeps the surface dry.

Hydrophilic cloth: 100% polypropylene material, a kind of ultra-fine fiber cloth drawn by hot air flow, due to its special molecular structure, has a large surface area, can use capillary phenomenon to absorb liquid, move and Spread.

Consisting of continuous filaments, it has good breaking strength and elongation. It acts as the surface material of the product and also has a dry effect.

Water-repellent fabric: also known as melt-blown non-woven fabric, it is a composite non-woven fabric, which is a composite product of spunbond and melt-blown. Adult diapers are mainly composed of base film, front waist stickers, left and right stickers, diversion layer, etc. The structure is composed, it is comfortable and hygienic to use, and meets the needs of adults.
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