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The correct use of adult nursing pads

by:Moosee     2021-03-10

Adult nursing pads are a relatively common disposable sanitary product. Adult nursing pads can effectively ensure the user's body is dry and comfortable, and prevent dirty sheets and mattresses. In order to enable you to use adult nursing pads with confidence, we hereby introduce the correct usage method of adult nursing pads as follows:   

1. Let the user lie on his side, unfold the nursing pad and fold it inward by about 1/3, and place it on the user's waist. The surface of the nursing pad has diamond-shaped surface embossing, which can effectively drain urine. With the internal high-molecular polymer, it can quickly absorb liquid and prevent reverse osmosis.  

2. Let the user turn to lie on their side, and flatten the folded side.  

3. After laying flat, let the user lie down and confirm the position of the nursing pad, so that the user can rest in bed at ease. Anguyi adult nursing pad has a large area of u200bu200b60*2250px, and the user can turn over and change sleeping position at will No need to worry about side leakage.  

Through the above introduction of the use of adult nursing pads, I hope it will be helpful for you to use adult nursing pads effectively. If you choose adult nursing pads, you should choose the more cost-effective ones. Elderly people choose adult nursing pads and choose slim nursing pads with a thin soft absorbent layer, which is refreshing and caring, light and comfortable. It is suitable for postpartum, postoperative, incontinence and other people with limited mobility, and suitable for people with moderate to severe incontinence or those with postoperative mobility.
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