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The difference between diapers and diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-11

1. Shape  

As the name suggests, the shape of diapers is very similar to underwear, which can well wrap the privacy of users. The shape of diapers is similar to paper skin, a bit like sanitary napkins used by women, but its size and thickness are larger and thicker than sanitary napkins.  

2. Breathability  

The air permeability of diapers and diapers is simply worlds apart, which is mainly due to the shape and structure of the two. The shape and structure of a diaper is more similar to that of a diaper, and its breathability is very good.

The function of the diaper is to wrap the privacy of the user, and it is required to have a strong function of preventing side leakage, so its breathability is inherently inferior to that of a diaper. Of course, this is not to say that diapers are inferior to diapers, only that they have their own strengths. For example, diapers are suitable for users in summer, and diapers are suitable for users in winter.  

3. The price is different  

Paper diapers have many more functions than diapers, so its production process is much more complicated than diapers. The diapers are more like the original products of diapers, with single function, simple structure, and easy to produce. Therefore, diapers on the market are generally more expensive than diapers.  

The difference between diapers and diapers is not very big. If parents require breathability or have economic pressure, diapers are a good choice. If the economy is rich, diapers are more effective in the cold autumn and winter seasons.  

4, the shape after use is   

Because the diapers are worn on the user's body, the whole ass is covered, and the whole ass is not deformed after use. Diapers may be displaced, deformed, and leak urine after the user moves.  

5, how to put on   

When family members wear diapers to users, they need to take off their pants and wear diapers inside. When wearing diapers, there is no need to take off the user's pants. In addition, the diapers can also be worn with diapers. Users only need to change the diapers when they are wet, and the diapers can be recycled.
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