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The misunderstanding of choosing diapers in winter

by:Moosee     2021-03-14

When the cold winter comes, the clothes gradually thicken. However, for those old people who have limited mobility, it causes more inconvenience. For example, it is very troublesome to change adult diapers. So choose some convenient diapers. So what are the misunderstandings when choosing adult diapers in winter? 

1. In addition to the issue of keeping warm, many people think that only summer diapers should be mainly breathable. In fact, the elderly should choose breathable diapers in winter. Thick diapers are not necessarily good.

It's not that thick diapers have a large absorption capacity. The thickness of a diaper has nothing to do with its absorption capacity, but is related to the absorbent beads in the diaper. Thick diapers will contain a lot of cotton, and after absorbing a certain amount of urine, it is easy to pilling, which will reduce the comfort.  

2. Although the skin of the elderly is not as delicate as that of the children, if the adult diapers are not changed frequently, skin allergies are prone to occur. Moreover, if the quality of the diaper is relatively low and the texture is harder, it will increase the occurrence of skin allergies, so it is not that the thicker the diaper, the better.  

3. When children change diapers for the elderly at home, be sure to put hot water, dry towels, diapers and other essential items where they can reach them.

The elderly are as fragile as children and cannot withstand the cold air in winter. Therefore, children must quickly help the elderly at home to change diapers to reduce the time they are frozen by the air.
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