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The quality of baby wipes at different prices is also different

by:Moosee     2021-06-12

The price of baby wipes is uneven, the texture of baby wipes at different prices is definitely different. As the saying goes, 'one price for one product quality is good, but most of the low-priced baby wipes are of poor quality.

Generally speaking, only moisturizing is very fast, and the price of wet wipes that has no bactericidal and detoxification effect is very cheap. Wet wipes that enjoy a higher rate of detoxification can be a bit more expensive and easier to use. Our wet wipes have a detoxification rate of 99.999%, no alcohol, no preservatives, no fluorescent agents, fast, no toxicity, no irritation, and a variety of results such as moisturizing, sterilization, and beauty. They can definitely kill viruses, Discarded, and other viruses.

A small number of wet wipes on daily basis contain propylene glycol and benzalkonium chloride. Propylene glycol is a low-toxicity product. It will aggravate our children's soft and tender skin for a long time, and also give birth to allergies and other sensitivities. Benzalkonium chloride is a bactericide and has a strong moisturizing effect, but it cannot summarize virus classification. In addition to destroying harmful and toxic viruses, it will also kill the unnatural flora.

Moreover, the wet wipes produced by different stores have uneven textures. Some counterfeit manufacturers even add chemical agents to prevent damage to our children’s skin. But if you want to go out when you have time, you can't scrub your child with abundant clear water. Wet wipes are very convenient.

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