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The shelf life of baby wipes

by:Moosee     2021-06-25

Nowadays, baby wipes are indispensable as one of the must-have products for babies, because their functions are very popular with novice parents. It is conceivable that taking a baby out is a troublesome thing. Baby wipes have saved many novice parents. It is easy to carry when going out, easy to use and can be thrown away when wiped off. It will not have to be repaid like a towel. Go to the sun. So many novice parents love baby wipes very much, but when buying wet wipes, many mothers will stock up a lot of goods. There are often mothers who say that I have given the baby wipes for a year. Can you keep it for so long? How long is the shelf life of general wet wipes? Let's take everyone to reveal it below.

When purchasing earth's best baby wipes, you will generally choose brands with quality assurance. Baby wipes indicated that the wipes produced by brand manufacturers have a complete set of disinfection procedures. However, moisturizing ingredients are added to the wet wipes, and the normal use of the wet wipes may be affected by reasons such as too long time or storage location during long-term storage.

The shelf life of wet wipes is one and a half to two years, and there is even three-year shelf life. But this time usually refers to the unopened situation. When buying wet wipes, pay attention to the tightness of the product. The better the tightness, the longer the disinfection time and the longer the shelf life.

After opening, put the seal on the wipes every time you use them, and put the wipes in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Large packs of wet wipes are generally 80 pumps, pay attention to the storage method of wet wipes, until the stocked baby wipes are used up, usually, they will not expire.

If it is a wet wipe that has been opened and has not been used up in a long time, baby wipes remind that especially if the sealing strip is not sticky, do not use it for babies, because it is likely that bacteria have been breeding.

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