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There are so many diapers that you don’t know

by:Moosee     2021-07-04

In today's society where there is no shortage of daily things, parents want to give their babies good materials, so when caring for their babies, they will also strengthen their meticulousness and safety, with the continuous development of the age. The age of diapers will pass away, and with the coming of the age of diapers, diapers not only reduce the burden on parents, but also improve some of the comforts of the baby, but at the same time, they also increase some other bad aspects, such as Some improper operations by novice parents are very simple and can cause some harm to the baby.

Mothers must pay attention to the following points when changing diapers for their babies.

1. When should I change my diapers?

Generally, do not use diapers for more than 4 hours during the day. Pay special attention to the following moments: after 15-30 minutes of feeding, the baby's urine may be discharged; before going to bed, check whether the baby's diapers are dry; after the baby wakes up, he will usually urinate; bring the baby Check it before you go out.

2. Can diaper be recycled?

It's best not to use it anymore. Because the bacteria on the baby's skin will remain on the diapers, and these bacteria are difficult to clean, and the surface of the worn diapers will be somewhat damaged no matter what, and the baby's skin is mostly tender. In this way, bacteria can easily grow inside and cause red ass.

3. Do I need to wear diapers all the time?

It is not required. After changing the diapers for the baby, clean it, and finally wipe it dry with a cotton cloth. Let the baby lie down and play for a while or hug him. In this way, the baby's butt can have a good time for ventilation. In this case, you must ensure that the indoor temperature is suitable, and don't let the baby catch a cold. Moreover, at this time, there must be an adult to accompany you to ensure that you can respond in time when there is a situation.

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