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Treatment of urine leakage in adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-16

Adult diapers are products specially developed for adults with limited mobility. Only when used correctly can they give full play to the effects of adult diapers. Many people think that it is easy to use, but will you really use diapers correctly? Let's look at how to deal with the problem of urine leakage in adult diapers.  

1. Open the diaper, first pull up the three-dimensional leak-proof side. The leak-proof side is the frill that rises on the inner thigh. This design is the key to preventing urine leakage. Don't ignore it!  

2. Let the user lie flat, which fits better than sitting or standing to prevent side leakage. Place the diaper on the baby’s buttocks and adjust the diaper to a suitable position.  

3. Stretch the Velcro tape appropriately, and then stick it symmetrically with reference to the numbers in the sticking area.  

4. In order to prevent the leak-proof side from being folded inward, after sticking the Velcro, you must remember to stroke the root of the thigh with your hand to ensure that the frills are not folded inward and stick to the leg. So as not to affect the leakage prevention effect.  

5. Too small size and poor water absorption can also cause urine leakage  

6. In addition to the incorrect way to wear diapers, diapers with improper size, poor water absorption, or diapers that are used for a long time can also cause urine leakage.
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