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Two different usages of adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-16

Adult diapers solve the troubles of people with limited mobility and bring the gospel to them, but you must read its instructions carefully before use to avoid unnecessary troubles to yourself.

1. Instructions for adult diapers prone position: Let the user lie on his side, unfold the adult diapers, with the waist patch facing up, adjust the core layer of the trousers to the waist and hips to see the proper position, then open it away from the user The far left or right half. Assist the user to turn to the other side, carefully pull out and open the other side of the diaper.

Help the user to lie flat with their legs spread, and pull the end with the 'free reposting area' to the lower abdomen. Peel off the waist patch and stick it on a suitable position in the 're-applied area'.

Pull out the elastic hem of the leg-side trousers to prevent urine leakage and ensure that the user has no discomfort.

2. Instructions for the sitting posture of adult diapers: Lean the taped side of the adult diaper against the back of the chair, and keep the tapeless diaper folded and lay it flat on the chair.

Sit on a chair, put the front end of the leg leak-proof elastic band under the thigh crotch, pull up from the front and back of the abdomen diaper between the legs, and let the leg leak-proof elastic band fit on the thigh comfortably, so as not to use it. The person feels uncomfortable.

The back piece of the diaper softly covers the whole buttocks, first paste the tape underneath and then tape on the top.
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