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Two types of adult diapers

by:Moosee     2021-03-13

Adult diapers have developed into a variety of forms and types with the advancement of modern technology. Disposable hygiene products for elderly or disabled persons with limited mobility are classified according to the way they are worn. Adult diapers mainly include waist-attached adult diapers and underwear-type adult diapers.

1. Waist-attached adult diapers  

After opening, it is in a flat shape, placed under the user's buttocks, fixed with straps and waist stickers, and then wraps the user's hips. Adopting nanofiber technology, high molecular polymer absorbs and locks moisture, effectively inhibiting the emission of odors. High three-dimensional protective enclosure design, double leakage prevention, and can effectively prevent side leakage. The strong absorption layer can keep it dry for a long time, making it more comfortable to wear and skin care.  

2. Underpants type diapers  

Also known as pull-up pants, it is a kind of adult diapers similar in style to underwear. Using functional cellulose nanofibers, a new material extracted from plants, it is made into cotton with super powerful deodorizing function! Inhibit the reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria, effectively alleviate the troublesome urine, sweat and stool odor.  

Waist-attached adult diapers and panty diapers are two ideal adult diapers that adults often buy and use. Their ease of wearing and use determines the best-selling of these two adult diapers.
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