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Under what circumstances do baby diapers need to be replaced?

by:Moosee     2021-05-08

Because it is the first time for many mothers to take children, they are blind spots for diapers, and they do not understand the use of diapers at all. Not to mention the circumstances under which diapers should be changed. This article is a question and answers to let you know about diapers.

1: How often do babies change their diapers?

The baby needs to change diapers immediately after defecation, and the urine can be changed every 2-3 hours. Moms should change diapers as long as they find that the diapers have 2-3 times the urine volume. It is recommended that each time before breastfeeding, after breastfeeding, after stool, and sleeping Before and after waking up, determine whether to change diapers. Every time the baby is crying, pay attention to whether to change the diaper.

2: Time to change diapers at different ages

Different periods of newborns: Due to the undeveloped bladder, the urine can not be stored in our body for a long time, so the number of diaper changes will be more, usually every 2 hours, the number of times by changing the diapers within 24 hours Up to 10 times, diapers need to be changed before and after each feeding, after the child has a bowel movement, and before going to bed. During the developmental period of infants and young children, it can be changed every 3 hours during the day, and it can be changed every 4-6 hours when it is older.

3: How do I know if my baby needs to change diapers?

Generally, diapers can be used for no more than 4 hours during the day.

4: In the case that cannot be determined, pay attention to passing the following different times

(1) After feeding, the baby's urine may be excreted after 15~30 minutes of each feeding

(2). Before going to bed, before going to bed, see if the baby's diapers are dry before

(3) Wake up, after the baby wakes up, usually urinate

(4) Before going out, check with your baby before going out. Observe the baby's expression. When the baby is suddenly quiet and stunned, he usually has a bowel movement and needs to change his diaper.

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